At the beginning of the year, one of OSHA’s commitments was to create a program to help businesses better analyse their workplace hazards and create a plan to decrease accidents. As a result came the I2P2 (Injury and Illness Prevention Programs) White Paper. This program, as stated in the document, is a “proactive process to help employers find and fix workplace hazards before workers are hurt”.

Although the overall number of deaths and accidents have dramatically dropped since OSHA was put in place, their main goal to keep preventing injuries and illnesses at work is the reason for this document’s creation. Still today, more than 12 workers die on the job everyday. That is over 4,500 a year! And sadly, over 4.1 million workers every year become ill or get injured from their work.

The I2P2 includes:

  1. How Does an Injury and Illness Prevention Program Work?
  2. What Are the Costs of Workplace Injuries, Illnesses and Deaths to Employers, Workers and the Nation?
  3. What Is the Evidence that Injury and Illness Prevention Programs Protect Workers and Improve the “Bottom Line”?
  4. How Widespread are Injury and Illness Prevention Programs?
  5. Are Injury and Illness Prevention Programs Too Complicated and Expensive for Small Businesses?

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