Dangerous Reptiles

Alligators & Snakes

Whether you live in Florida or not, this short module on alligators and dangerous snakes is interesting enough to watch regardless. Take a few minutes to learn a few safety tips such as identifying different types of snakes, various ways to prepare yourself if you ever encounter one and as for alligators, the best ways to steer clear of them if one is seen.


dangerous reptiles

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Hand Tools eLearning Module

Watch this detailed eLearning Module to learn about how to properly use your hand tools in a safe way.

Hand Tools eLearning Module

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Tis the season for fire works. Learn to not blow off your hand!

As New Years eve approaches I am sure many of you are flocking to the local fireworks stand determined to wow your family and friends with your backyard fireworks display. We created this 5 minute presentation for the 4th of July but it makes sence to repost it on our new blog as a New Years eve reminder.

Take a quick look to learn about the dangers and precautions you can take when using fire works.

Click to Play Fire Works Presentation

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