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The Certified Environmental, Safety and Health Trainer (CET) & Certified Instructional Technologist (CIT) certifications are swiftly becoming part of the BCSP family of certifications.CET/CIT Integrated into BCSP Family of Certifications Now Recognizable as BCSP Certifications


The training certifications’ new logo is increasingly featured on BCSP materials, and the new CET/CIT process and applications, results of months of diligent preparation, can be found on BCSP’s CET/CIT webpage.

The process of fully integrating the CET/CIT is well underway. By the end of 2012, the certifications’ will be wholly operated by BCSP.

Inquiries related to the certification may be made through the CET/CIT Inquiry form.

Technologist Certifications Improved. CLCS Folded into Updated OHST


The Occupational Health and Safety Technologist® (OHST®) exam began following the most recent set of knowledge required of SH&E technologists this July 2, 2012.

The update, as announced last year, is the result of a validation study to determine the task, knowledge, and skills associated with the OHST practice.The OHST’s latest blueprint and reference materials are available on the OHST webpage.

As part of the OHST update, the Certified Loss Control Specialist® (CLCS®) certification is discontinued. CLCS certificants, and those in process of achieving CLCS certification, can contact Barbara Patterson, BCSP Manager of Customer Service, with questions.

Don’t forget to view our OHST Prep Course page for more information on our upcoming course that will be held on November 6-8. You can also sign up by calling us at 407-505-2803 or email at info@transportins.net.