The Department of Labor has created a Workplace Safety and Health Challenge, a competition to develop tools that can help workers recognize and prevent workplace safety and health hazards. Everyone with some technology interest, including students, is encouraged to participate.

The deadline for submissions is November 30.

Successful entries could take many different forms:

  • Interactive and informative games, social or professional networking sites; or
  • Data visualization tools that teach young people about safety and health hazards.

All submissions can be designed for any of the following formats: internet browsers, smartphones, feature phones, social media platforms, or as native Windows or Macintosh applications.

There will be a panel of judges that will include Secretary Solis, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, co-hosts of the popular Discovery Channel show “Myth Busters”.

The awards will be given in different categories:

  1. “Safety in the Workplace Innovator Award” of $15,000
  2. “Safety and Health Data Award” of $6,000
  3. “Workers’ Rights Award” of $6,000
  4. “People’s Choice Award” of $3,000 for the developer of the app that receives the most public votes on the website.

For more information on entering, watch a short video on YouTube, visit the challenge page, and read Dr. Michaels’ blog.