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What forms of payment do we take? +

We take Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover Card, check, cash and money orders. Our online transactions on and are done through Paypal and are 128bit encrypted and secured for your safety.


Do you offer training in Spanish? +
We do have a limited number of courses offered in Spanish. In addition we have the ability to offer training through a translator. For more information to see how we can help, call us at 407-545-4699.
Ofrecen entrenamiento en español? +

Tenemos un número limitado de cursos que se ofrecen en español. Además, tenemos la capacidad de ofrecer formación a través de un traductor. Para obtener más información para ver cómo podemos ayudarle, llámenos al 407-545-4699.

Do you offer “train-the-trainer” courses? +

Yes and no. Formally we do not offer train-the-trainer classes because honestly we don’t want the liability and because most of the time the “trainers” who finish such a class really don’t know what they are doing.

With that said we often do help some of our really good customers with developing internal systems for training their staff on common items like HazCom, respirators, lock out/ tag out and even forklift operations. We can develop site specific course materials for your training or we can assist you in purchasing third party courses if they fit your needs.

Afterwards one of our consultants will work with your internal trainer to co-teach a class and to become proficient on the material. If and only if your internal trainers are effective will we provide a “trainer certificate”.

Are your courses available online? +

Some of our courses are, some are not, and some are in the process of being developed. As you can imagine developing our extensive course catalog into world-class online training is very time consuming task. The best thing to do is to visit to view our course catalog. Also if there's something that we have not developed, you can also view our 360 training portal.

In addition we offer all of our courses as instructor lead "webinars". This means we can offer the same great training at the same great price and there is no travel expenses! Contact us for more information.

Are your training programs customizable? +

All of our training programs can be customized. Especially for onsite classes, you can expect a call from your trainer before the class. This call helps us determine how we can further enhance the program by including customer specific pictures, examples, and even company specific procedures into the training session.

When do my training certificates expire? +

Some of the courses we provide have government mandated expiration dates. For example, FDOT requires retraining for Maintenance of Traffic every 4 years. In addition, various OSHA regulations require varying retaining terms typically ranging from 1 to 3 years. Each course is different however and many of our courses do not expire. It is best to view the specific course page for expiration information.

What sets us apart from other providers? +

I hate to say it but just about everything sets us apart from our competition. Click here to find out the reasons for our phenomenal growth and customer retention.

Can we get the 2% Florida Workers Compensation discount with your Safety Programs? +

Once your company implements an effective safety program you will be entitled to this discount. If you are not already doing so, we will assist you in this matter.

Can you offer training at my site? +
90% of the training we do is offered at customer sites. We typically have a minimum of 10 people per class to do onsite classes however in emergencies we can offer a flat rate class. For example, let’s say you need confined space for 4 people. With a minimum of 10 people, the list cost would be around $800 for the class. In this case though we can offer a flat rate class plus $10.00 per person for the handout and certificate. So the total cost to you would be just over $400. This could save you several hundred dollars!
Do you charge for travel to come to our site? +

There are no travel costs for services and courses we offer in the Metro Orlando area or around 50 miles from area code 32811. This typically includes Orange County, Seminole County, Osceola County and most of Lake County.

Obviously for services and courses offered at greater distances we incur additional travel expenses. With that said we often pass through the travel costs including flights, hotels, mileage (IRS rate), tolls, per diem, and travel time. Another option for great training is using our webinar technology.

Do you offer Continuing Education Credits (CEU's)? +

We offer CEU’s for the Florida Board of Professional Engineers for our Intermediate and Advance MOT Courses.

We do not offer CEU’s for other courses and for other industries.

Do you offer weekend and evening training? +

Yes. We do training on weekends and in the evenings.

Are your instructor's certified? +
  • Yes. Our instructors are certified for the course they are teaching.
  • All of our first aid instructors have instructor credentials from ASHI:All of our OSHA Outreach instructors have instructor credentials from an OSHA Training institute.
  • All of our MOT Instructors have been qualified through the FDOT and are listed on the MOT Administrators Site.
  • For other courses which do not require “certification” see the FAQ below.
Are the Safety Links courses and certificates approved by OSHA? +

Typically governmental agencies including OSHA do not approve courses (or anything else for that matter). For that reason it is vital that the courses you take are developed and presented by qualified and experienced individuals. After all, the credibility of your training, and more importantly the effectiveness of your training rest in the hands of your training provider. Here are a few questions you can ask your training provider. What are their academic qualifications to develop and present such classes? Are they board certified in their field? How long have they been teaching this particular class? Can they provide you with references? To view Safety Links history and qualification "click here". We dare to compare our track record with any other training provider!

What do the certificates look like and when do I get it? +

Certificate Type

When do I get it?

First aid course receive wallet card certificate from ASHI. Receive it at the end of the class or within 2 days by mail.
OSHA Outreach courses such as the 10 and 30 hour courses receive a Department of Labor Card issued by the OSHA Training Institute. This can take up to a month to get. As an extra value we do laminate these cards before we mail them to you.

If needed for a job we can write a letter saying that you have completed the course while you are waiting for your certificate.

MOT Certificates are provided by the FDOT’s MOT Administrator on the webpage as a pdf download. You will get a wall certificate and a wallet card. Usually within a couple of days of the class.
For Safety Links courses we provide one of the following certificates depending on the course.

  • Hard plastic wallet card (just like your driver’s license)
  • Paper wall certificate printed on acid free diploma paper suitable for framing
Receive it at the end of the class or within 2 days by mail.
Why don’t we get MOT the hard plastic wallet card for MOT training anymore? +

In 2014 the FDOT contracted with MOT Administrator Inc. to develop and administer a central data base for MOT certificate holders, providers, proctors, and instructors. As of July 15, 2014 the MOT Administrator provides unique exams for each MOT class in the state, grades those exams, and issues certificates to students who pass.