For our readers in Florida: Early this week, the FDOT kicked off their safety campaign, “Safety Doesn’t Happen by Accident” in Tampa, FL to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety awareness. You can encounter their efforts through TV, social media, different transit advertising, enforcement, and education. Since Monday, frequent “alerts” are posted on their Facebook page with useful tips and important facts and statistics for everyone to know.

“We started yesterday on this test campaign in Hillsborough County because this area is double the national average when it comes to pedestrian fatalities,” Kris Carson, FDOT spokesperson says. “We’re working with law enforcement and we are advertising trying to get people more aware of pedestrian safety. This campaign is all about education, so we handed out shirts to the public yesterday and we were out on Fletcher and Fowler Avenues writing citations to people not following proper safety guidelines.”

FDOT has a goal to reduce pedestrian fatalities by 20% by 2015; saving 15 lives per year. To do this, they have devised a multi-faceted solution that includes: engineering safer pedestrian walkways, educating pedestrians and motorists and enforcing laws more strictly.

Take a look at their campaign through their Facebook page HERE.

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