Did you know?

fleet safety

  • Between 20-30% of fleet vehicles crash each year
  • Fleet crash costs are equal to 13-15% of fleet spending
  • Drivers of company vehicles have 50% more crashes than private drivers
  • Road crashes is the most common form of work-related death

Companies with active road safety programs have achieved 30-65% reductions in work-related traffic accidents and associated costs.

If you are just beginning to address occupational driving risk consider the following options:

Offer a Defensive Driving Seminar: Our Defensive Driving Seminar combines driver safety education with interactive group problem solving. We have developed a unique approach, combining driver safety education with risk resolution, based on national and local research pointing to the things that have achieved the best results in reducing driver risk. Put simply we provide the latest and most effective program to reduce the risks associated with work-related driving.

More importantly our Defensive Driving Seminar targets specific driver behaviors to improve driving habits and prevent accidents.

Use a “How am I Driving” Bumper Sticker reporting system: How many times have you been cut off and wished the other vehicles had a bumper sticker? By using a “How am I Driving” campaign you will begin to experience more cautious drivers and ultimately fewer collisions.

Our How am I Driving? System includes a toll free call center where the public can easily report their observations. After words an observation report will be emailed to you so corrective action can be taken.

Our fleet safety solutions are the most cost effective and professional solutions available! For more information on our new Fleet Safety Initiative call Randy Free at 407-353-8165 or visit https://safetylinks.net/index.php/fleet-safety