Sun ImageWhile many parts of the country have felt the change of seasons already, Florida is not-surprisingly one that lags behind. For those of us in the sunshine state, working outside consists of high humidity and temperature levels until almost the end of the year.

If your job consists of outdoor work, however, it is very important to stay cool and hydrated at all times. As part of their Heat Illness Prevention Campaign, OSHA has now included a Heat Fatalities Map. The map shows examples of heat-related fatalities in the U.S. from 2009 to 2012. For each fatality, basic information about the type of workplace, work task, and work conditions is provided if available.

Another way to actively ensure heat-stress safety for you and all your employees, you can now download OSHA’s Heat Safety Tool App. This mobile app helps measure head index for your work site, displays risk levels, and provides protective measures for everyone at risk to follow.

To order any of OSHA’s materials that are part of this campaign, visit the website at, call OSHA’s Office of Communications at (202) 693-1999 or visit OSHA’s Publications page.