Work Zone Safety is important to everyone because we want to avoid accidents as well as injuries. Unfortunately, there are too many statistics showing how common accidents are within work zones. For example according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, last year 835 people were killed in work zones in the US. More alarmingly was that 92 of them (11%) were in Florida.  Each of these accidents could have been prevented!

MOT imageTraffic safety in temporary traffic control areas must be an integral as well as high priority component of every project from planning through design including construction. Traffic movement should be inhibited as little as possible allowing vehicles, pedestrians, as well as bicyclist to traverse the work zone smoothly, safely, and without confusion. Confusion can be avoided by providing clear, concise, as well as positive guidance while approaching and driving through the work zone. Routine inspection of traffic control devices should be performed to ensure acceptable levels of operation. The maintenance of roadside safety requires attention during the life of the temporary traffic control zone because of the potential increase in hazards.

Furthermore, each person whose actions may affect temporary traffic control safety including upper level management through field personnel, should receive the level of training appropriate to the job decisions he or she is required to make. The proper control of traffic through work areas is an essential part of street and roadway construction, maintenance as well as utility operations.

Maintaining good public relations is absolutely essential in traffic control zones. All personnel, especially flaggers, should demonstrate common courtesy when guiding traffic through the work zone.

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