Noise Testing

In the following New York Times article, writer Cara Buckley takes a look at hazardous noise levels in NYC public places, the risks of exposure to their employees and the overall lack of enforcement. In it, it also states how even though most venues such as restaurants and bars in the city are obviously operating their businesses with employees exposed to noise levels that would easily require them to wear noise protection, complaints from workers are pretty much nonexistent. She does make it a point that part of the problem is a lack of awareness, not surprisingly. New York City is notorious for its loud noise level almost anywhere you go.

However, as an employer or employee, one should be well aware of the dangers in a long-term effect that come with being exposed to long hours of noise at work. Not only can it be annoying, but stress, communication interference, or even hearing loss can occur if safety measures never are taken.

No matter the location, industry, or size of a business, all employers have an obligation to protect their workers from any of these possible debilitating hazards.

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