Did you know that working in trenches kills an average of 40 construction workers in the United States every year? Employers MUST follow OSHA’s rules to protect workers in trenches and excavations.

One cubic yard of soil can weigh as much as a car! Unless the trench is cut entirely into stable rock, protection against cave-ins must be used for all trenches more than 5ft deep. Always make sure a competent person is there to supervise and to remove any potential hazards throughout and at the beginning of every shift.

OSHA classifies each soil in a trench as:

  1. Stable rock – most stable
  2. Type A
  3. Type B
  4. Type C – least stable

Depending on the type of soil found at the site of the trench, different protective systems should be used for each trench project such as sloping, benching, shoring, and shielding.

Learn how to apply each protective system depending on its soil type for you and your employees in more detail as shown on the following video:

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