OSHA Wants Nominators for Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee

The Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee or WPAC, the new committee that will work with the Secretary of Labor and the Assistant Secretary of Occupational Safety and Health is seeking nominations for its membership. The committee will focus on anything that relates to the fairness, efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency of OSHA’s whistleblower protection activities.

Once gathered, all twelve members are to have the following roles:

  • Four management representatives who are employers or are from employer associations in industries covered by one or more of the whistleblower laws;
  • Four labor representatives who are workers or from worker advocacy organizations in industries covered by one or more of the whistleblower laws;
  • One member who represents the State Plan states; and
  • Three public representatives from colleges, universities, non-partisan think tanks, and/or other entities, that have extensive knowledge and expertise on whistleblower statutes and issues.

Other non-voting members from other Federal Government agencies will also take part in the committee with jurisdiction over statues with whistleblower provisions.

To submit nominations, visit HERE.

For more information on the WPAC, visit HERE.


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