The Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health (ACCSH) has a meeting scheduled by OSHA on November 27-30 in Washington, DC. It will consist of meetings divided in Work Groups and a full committee at different times. ACCSH Work Groups will meet Nov. 27-28 and the full committee on Nov. 29-30.

The ACCSH works as an advisor to the Secretary of Labor and Assistant Secretary of Labor of OSHA. The full committee agenda will include Dr. David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor and updates from the Directorate of Construction. The Work Group meetings will include the topics: Health hazards, emerging issues, prevention through design, training and outreach, and injurly and illness prevention programs.

To submit any comments or requests, visit their Federal e-Rulemaking Portal at You can also submit by mail or fax.  All comments and requests must be submitted by Nov. 16, 2012.