OSHA has recently announced that their temporary enforcement measures in residential construction will be extended for three more months, until December 15, 2012.

These measures include:

  • Priority free onsite compliance assistance;
  • Penalty reductions;
  • Extended abatement dates;
  • Measures to ensure consistency; and
  • Increased outreach.

As part of their efforts, OSHA has been actively working closely with the industry. Since October of last year, their On-Site Consultation Projects completed more than 2,500 onsite visits, conducted 925 training sessions, and delivered 438 presentations regarding residential construction. They also conducted more than 800 outreach activities on the directive. Another method they use to assist companies and organizations is by providing information of the industry on their website. They will continue to assist with educational and training materials to help facilitate employers with compliance.

All this is available in their webpage here and their Fall Prevention Campaign.

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