OSHA’s Variances Page Is Enhanced

Are you familiar with OSHA’s variance approval process? If you are not, OSHA has recently updated their Variances page with two sections: Variance Program and Types of Variances.

According to OSHA, a variance is a regulatory action that permits an employer to deviate from the requirements of an OSHA standard under specified conditions. A variance does not provide an outright exemption from a standard, except in cases involving national defense as described in their page.

The different types of variances described in their page are:

1. Permanent

2. Temporary

3. Experimental

4. National Defense

5. Interim Order

6. Recordkeeping Variance

For more information or to view OSHA’s Variances page, visit http://www.osha.gov/dts/otpca/variances/index.html.

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