Did you know?…

When it comes to a hybrid or electrical car fire, you can actually put it out with WATER?

Surprisingly enough, the Emergency Response Guide (ERG) from the NFPA explains why. It states that the electrical circuits in HEVs or EVs are “isolated from the vehicle chassis with no direct connection to the ground”. Because of this, a circuit cannot be completed by a fire stream, through the person or firefighter, and into the ground. Where as normally, when you are in the path between the electrical source and the earth or ground you complete the circuit, causing electrocution.

Read more about it from the original NFPA blog at http://nfpa.typepad.com/evsafetytraining/2012/08/wait-a-secondare-you-sure-i-can-use-water-to-put-out-an-electric-vehicle-fire.html.

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