IOA Safety Score

What is IOA SafetyScore?

Similar to your personal credit score, your IOA SafetyScore will gauge the processes and systems you have in place and compare them to world class safety performers. Simply put…. Your IOA SafetyScore will tell you how well you are doing when compared to other organizations.

This will help you better understand your organizations operational strengths and weaknesses so that a strategy of improvement can be implemented.

We invite you and your team to take a 10 minute survey to determine your “ IOA SafetyScore”. (Click On The Request Button Below)


What is surveyed?

Rather than focusing on incident rates, costs, and other “lagging indicators”… the IOA SafetyScore survey has been specifically designed to focus on “leading indicators” (i.e. activities your organization is doing to manage safety).

The survey is broken down into 7 sections with 40 questions in total. Based on your answers some questions may have as many as 2 follow up questions.

The 7 sections of the survey include:

1. Safety Management Tasks
2. Written Programs and Systems
3. Workforce Training and Abilities
4.Hazard Identification and Control

5. Reporting and Investigation
6. Emergency Response Preparation
7. Performance Measurement

The questions are in plain English and do not have any Legalese, or OSHA jargon. Here are some examples:

  • Is line management (i.e. supervisors and managers) primarily responsible for the implementation and enforcement of the safety management process in their area?
  • Does your organization have a formal process used to proactively identify hazards and other safety issues before they cause harm or damage? (I.e. Pre-job tasks planning, periodic inspections, etc.)
  • Does your organization have some sort of “Corrective Action list” used to track identified hazards until they are completed?
    • Are items on this list corrected in a timely manner?
  • Do your supervisors communicate with their employees periodically about safety issues?
    • Are formal safety meetings being conducted and documented by each supervisor at least monthly?
    • Are supervisors communicating with employees about safety issues as they are observed?

The Survey Results:

Just like your credit score, your IOA SafetyScore will range from 509 to 850. The results are calculated based on the respondents answers and are compared to the “Best Practices” set by industry standards and from industry professionals.


In addition to the raw score, you will be provided a detailed report outlining your organizations strengths and weaknesses for each survey section and question. The whole purpose is to provide you with the tools you need to implement an improvement strategy.

How can my organization take the IOA SafetyScore Survey?

The IOA SafetyScore survey is designed to be taken by company leaders including Presidents, CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, General Managers, Middle Managers, plus Human Resource and Safety Professionals.

To get a good representative sample it is best to survey a number of people within your organization.