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Safety Links offers a customized approach to organizational safety surveys. Our goal is to help you find the specific strengths and weaknesses of your safety management efforts. These surveys collect feedback directly from your employees and managers and provide organizational leadership with objective data about the quality and effectiveness of your organizations safety management efforts.

February 26, 2024


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About Employee Safety Perception Surveys

Safety perception surveys help to identify how well your current safety process is working and help identify specific areas that need improvement. These surveys should be repeated at regular intervals so organizational leadership can keep track of the progress the safety improvements and perception made over time.

To get the most accurate results, employee answers to the survey must be confidential. This will allow the worker to be honest in his or her answers. Having a third party such as Safety Links conduct the survey can help to maintain employee anonymity.

Benefits of Safety Perception Surveys

  • They get employees involved in the safety process
  • They set a baseline for measuring future improvement
  • They’re a more accurate, timely and sensitive indicator of safety than “lagging” safety measurements such as accident rates
  • They’re relatively inexpensive, straightforward and non-intrusive
  • Increase employee involvement, awareness and responsibility regarding safety
  • Identify and prioritize problem areas
  • Monitor safety program and improvement progress
  • Establish baseline measure for future re-survey comparison
  • Raise morale

Topics for Employee Safety Survey Questions

Safety survey questions should be customized based on your workplace and Safety Management Efforts. There is no one size fits all approach to safety surveys so be aware of “canned” surveys.

Generally your survey should cover at least the following topics:

  • Site management: The company will want to get an idea of the employees' perception of whether company management is committed to workplace safety.
  • Supervision: Are the company supervisors actively involved in keeping the workplace safe.
  • Staff ownership: These questions are designed to reveal whether the employees feel they have a part to play in workplace safety.
  • Training: Employee safety survey questions should also address whether the workers feel that they have received adequate safety training from the company.
  • Barriers to safety: Employees should be asked about any perceived barriers they come across when trying to work safely or reporting safety issues to management.
  • Incident reporting: These types of questions deal with the employees' perceptions of whether workplace accidents are investigated properly. The questions should also deal with near-misses in the workplace, as well as hazardous situations.

Survey Process and Format

Safety Links will work with you to develop and present a survey to your staff as either an online survey or as a paper based survey.

The questions will be customized as a series of statements which the participant rates in degrees according to whether they strongly agree, strongly disagree or are neutral.

Afterwards the results will be analyzed and a detailed report will be compiled which includes charts and narrative explanations. In addition the report will include an executive summary which summarizes the most important information as briefly as possible. Comparison of significant differences by level of employment, department, location, or other variables can be analyzed if needed.


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