Fleet Driver Monitoring

How's my driving?

How can you reduce your biggest risk for around 60 cents per day? Try the Safety Links “How am I driving?” service.

This service includes uniquely numbered bumper stickers and a toll free call messaging system to take motorist observation reports 24 hours a day.

After we receive a call, a “Vehicle Observation Report” and a copy of the recorded call is transmitted to you by email.

It has been proven that fleet safety monitoring can:

  • Influence drivers' behavior on the roadways
  • Provide feedback as to how your drivers conduct themselves on the road
  • Provide valuable information on trends and on the effectiveness of vehicle operator's safety practices
  • Openly express your concern to the public
  • Reduce your insurance costs by reducing collisions
  • Help identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • q-iconCan Safety Links print custom vehicle numbers?

    Safety Links can assign you a vehicle number, or with a minimum order we can have stickers custom printed with your existing vehicle numbers.

  • q-iconWhat are the stickers like?

    The bumper stickers are made of durable vinyl and measuring up to 17” x 5.5”. They are printed on 4 mil vinyl using water and UV resistant inks. Our stickers are custom printed with your company’s vehicle number at no extra cost. With each order you will receive instructions for the proper installation of your stickers.FLEET3

  • q-iconHow much does it cost?

    Programs start at $497 for the annual monitoring fee. Each month you will be permitted 3 observation calls at NO charge. The price per call starting at the 4th will be invoiced at $10.00.  How many calls can you expect monthly? While it depends on how bad your drivers are our bigger client with fleets of over 150 vehicles rarely gets more than 3 calls a month.


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