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Teen Driver Monitoring (How's my driving?)

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Despite what teenagers think or say, their lack of experience behind the wheel contributes to a higher risk of collisions. Approximately 3,000 teenagers are killed each year in car crashes nationwide, making it the leading cause of death for 13- to 19-year-olds, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

For around 25 cents a day, you can immediately influence your teens driving behavior which builds safe driving habits that will last a life time.

How Does the Teen Driver Monitoring Program work?

This seems pretty simple because it is! Those who drive company vehicles will tell you how effective a “How’s My Driving” sticker is at changing their behaviors.

This works because of decades of behavioral modification research. Simply put behavioral scientists have found that behaviors are driven by “Activators” and are further motivated because of “Consequences”. This is known as the A-B-C model.

The visual model below shows that activators and consequences influence Behavior...

Activator > Behavior > Consequence

By simultaneously addressing the activators and consequences your teen will be highly motivated to practice safe driving behavior.

Key point: The effectiveness of this process is very dependent upon your enforcement of the consequences agreed to in your Teen Driver Contract. Teens learn quickly if/when they will be held accountable for their actions!

Here are a sample of the many benefits of our Teen Driver Monitoring Program...

  • Your Teen is more likely to make safer driving decisions
  • Your Teen has the opportunity to change their behavior
  • Reduced insurance rates my apply and stay lower with reduced accidents & citations
  • Reduced the likelihood of a ticket or traffic citation
  • Reduced the likelihood of a collision or injury
  • Make the roads safer!

Your Teen Driver Monitoring Program come with...

Your teen driver package includes “activators” and “consequences” specifically designed to encourage safe driving behavior in new drivers.


Teen Driver “Contract”

  • A written agreement between you and your teen discussing your expectations and the consequences if your expectations are not met

Unlimited viewing of our teen driver motivation course

  • An online course approximately 30 minutes in length
  • The course includes motivational videos, interactive components and quizzes all designed to engage and motivate your new driver

Bumper Sticker (s) for the teens vehicle (s)

  • Includes a toll free number and web portal for observers to make observation reports.


1-year subscription to our phone and online reporting portal

Unlimited observation reports including the recorded calls sent right to your inbox

Remedial driver “assignment” and “probationary” documentation sent after each negative report

A congratulations notification sent after each positive report


A Small Investment for Priceless Results

  • Teen Driver Contract
  • 1 Year of Service
  • 1 Sticker of Your Choice
  • 30min Online Training Access
  • 1 FREE Sticker Replacement
  • FREE Insurance Rate Review
  • FREE Local Installation
  • FREE Installation Kit included
  • NO Monthly Fee
Start BASIC Program Now
  • Teen Driver Contract
  • 12 Months of Service
  • 6 Stickers of Your Choice
  • 30min Online Training Access
  • 2 FREE Sticker Replacements
  • FREE Insurance Rate Review
  • FREE Local Installation
  • FREE Installation Kit included
  • NO Monthly Fee
Start PLUS Program Now

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconHow does the Teen Driver Package compare to GPS Monitoring?

    GPS technology is great but it has its limitations. If you want to know where your teen went last night the GPS system will accomplish that.

    On the other hand, if you want to know if your teen flipped the family in the car next to them the “bird” then you probably need to consider the stickers.

    Quite honestly, if you can afford it do both. If you can only afford one option then hands down our teen driver package will change behavior more effectively than GPS tracking.

  • q-iconWhat are the stickers like?

    Our bumper stickers are clear and you can choose either white or black lettering to best contrast your car.

    The teen driving stickers been specifically designed not to be ugly like the giant yellow “How’s my driving stickers” you are used to seeing on fleet vehicles. We know how teens are!

    The stickers are made of durable 4 mil vinyl and measure 14” wide x 4” tall. They are printed using water and UV resistant inks. Installation instructions are included with each order.

    teen-driver-sticker-plain teen-driver-sticker-outline

June 17, 2024


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