According to a survey by AlliedBarton Security Services & David Michaelson and Co., Violence in the American Workplace, about 52% of Americans have witnessed, heard of, or experienced or encountered violence or a situation that could either to violence.  A total of 1,030 were surveyed in this research, 34% of them who either felt somewhat or very concerned for their personal safety at their job.

Unfortunately, though, workplace violence is very hard to prevent. Therefore, the specific article followed suggests three steps to help avoid this in the future:

  1. Assess the climate- This tip is meant for supervisors or managements to take a look around their work environment and assess any tension, past incidents, changes in attitude in certain employees, and such to determine the likelihood of a violent event happening in the future.
  2. Establish dialogue-This advice suggests open communication internally among both management and non-management to avoid a frustration build-up. It states that many violent cases occur due to frustration and miscommunication.
  3. Put together a plan-This tip proposes the simple idea of creating and maintaining a plan for future disagreements or disputes between employees or customers. Mainly with the goal to maintain tensions below the physical level at all times.

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