Here is an interesting risk assessment article found in EHS Today. Lyon and Bruce Hollcroft, CSP, ARM, CHMM are directors of risk control at Hays Companies and were present at this year’s ASSE Safety 2012 Conference on June 5 at the Colorado Convention Center.

According to the duo, the following lists the top 10 mistakes when a risk assessment is done:

  1. Failing to perform a formal risk assessment.
  2. Failing to define the purpose and scope of the assessment.
  3. Failing to understand organization’s acceptable risk level.
  4. Failing to assemble the best team possible to perform the risk assessment.
  5. Failing to use the best risk assessment technique.
  6. Failing to be objective and unemotional during the assessment.
  7. Failing to identify hazards and see combined whole-system risk.
  8. Failing to consider the hierarchies of controls or prioritize by risk.
  9. Failing to perform risk assessment during the design/redesign stage.
  10. Failing to communicate before, during and after the assessment.

“Figure out what you can share and share it,” Hollcroft said. “Failure to communicate is a huge shortcoming when we conduct risk assessments.”

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