It was determined before the inception of Safety Links more than 18 years ago in 1997 that Safety Links would not simply provide safety training that met the minimum industry standards. It was our goal then as it is today to teach and train in way that engages and excites our attendees. Anything less and we know the training will fall flat and attendees will leave with no more usable knowledge than they came in with.

With a careful and keen eye for the right instructors, Safety Links is proud to hold true to its original vision. We have and are changing how the safety industry not only trains but also in the way we are doing it through various delivery formats.(see below for more) We invite you to participate in one of our training courses and experience the difference a passionate instructor can make for you Today.


With our Open Enrollment Training Calendar, you can see the scheduled courses you can attend, their location, date and time. Once you see a course you want,  simply click on it and register right on our website.


Designed & Delivered To Meet Your Unique Training Needs

Open Enrollment

Your Location

Live Webinars

Online Training

Open Enrollment Training

Perfect for individuals and groups! Take advantage of our “open enrollment” class schedule. Our classes are offered by our world class instructors at one of our classrooms. Our classes always include amazing presentation material, handouts, hands-on activities and certificates upon completion.

View Our Course Catalog For "Open Enrollment Training" Courses

Your Location Training

We offer our world class instructor lead training at your site for your employees. Onsite classes can be customized based on your needs and always include amazing presentation material, handouts, hands-on activities and a quick turn around on certificates.

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Online Training

Take many of our world class safety courses using our exclusive online course portal. Safety Links is one of the only in-person training providers in the country which also offers many of our unique in-person courses in an online format. Our courses are animated, narrated, contain short videos, and are NOT boring. Sign for one or more Today!

View Our Course Catalog For "Your Location Training" Courses

Live Webinar

Take our world class instructor lead training in the comfort and convenience of your home or office. We use screen sharing and webcam technology to present the course. You will be able to ask questions in interact with the instructor at any time. It will be exactly like you are sitting in the classroom except there is no travel required.

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Trevor was extremely knowledgeable and brought a great sense of humor to the course which made it enjoyable.

Knight Armament Company, Hazwoper 24 & 40 hour

best informative speaker I’ve had the pleasure to interact with. He was very respectful, professional, and entertaining. I greatly enjoyed our class.

Duke Energy, First Aid-CPR-AED

Good training – lively & kept interest throughout.

Long Boat Key, Confined Space

Presentation was done in easy to understand terminology. Instructor very knowledgeable.

Emory Dialysis, Respirator Fit Tester Certification


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