Fall Protection Training (2 hour)

Course Introduction

If you or your employees wear personal fall arrest when work is performed on elevated surfaces or during construction activities this course is needed. The program is specifically designed to teach each student how to select, use and care for personal fall arrest equipment including anchor points, harnesses, lanyards and rescue equipment.

All of our training is customizable based on the types of fall protection you use in your operations.

For example…If you are in the residential construction industry we can focus on solutions specific to that industry. On the other hand if you are in a manufacturing situation where personal fall arrest is needed we can focus on that specific operation.

Course Details

  • Relevant OSHA regulations
  • Hierarchy of fall protection
  • Hole Covers
  • Guard rails
  • Personal fall arrest systems including anchor points, harnesses, lanyards and rescue equipment
  • As an added bonus we provide some guidance on fall protection rescue options.