Bucket Truck (4hr)

Course Introduction

Bucket trucks provide aerial access for hard to reach locations, but they also cause accidents that result in 26 fatalities per year, according to the Bureau of Labor. Deaths occur from falls after lifts are struck by vehicles, cranes or crane loads, when a lift suddenly jerks or from electrocutions when overhead power lines contact the bucket.

Bucket truck operators must be trained to use them properly and comply with the OSHA standard for aerial lifts (1926.453).

Topics Include

Our course does this by discussing the following items:

Part 1- Introduction to bucket truck hazards

Part 2- Incident Reports

Part 3- The OSHA Regulations

Part 4- Temporary Traffic Control Principles

Part 6- Avoiding Contact with Power Lines

Part 7- Preventing Falls

Part 8- Lift Usage

Part 9- Preventing Lift Overturn

Part 10- Review and Written Test