Defensive Driving

Course Introduction

Too many defensive driving courses cover the “rules of the road”. Let’s face it…you already know the rules of the road and so do your drivers.

When people drive poorly it’s not because we don’t know the rules, it’s usually because we have become complacent about the dangers and risks of operating a vehicle or because we simply think that “it won’t happen to us”.

The Safety Links Defensive Driving training session provides participants with the knowledge and tools to improve their driving skills, attitudes and perceptions. This program has been specifically designed for experienced drivers that need some reminders and motivation. Sometime we just need a little push to recognize how bad our driving habits really are.

The course can be tailored to a specific type of vehicle that your company may operate.

Topics Include

  • Drivers Attitudes and Self Evaluation
  • Speed Control
  • Dealing with Aggressive Drivers and Behaviors
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Distractions
  • Proper Driving Procedures