Forklift Operator

Course Introduction

Our forklift safety training and certification course has been developed to teach your operators the skills they need to operate their equipment safely.

This course is suitable for beginners as well as experienced operators, includes all materials and supplies, and meets and exceeds all OSHA training and certification requirements.

Course Details

The course provides participants a general understanding of the safe and efficient operation of an industrial powered fork truck and then provides the opportunity to practice and operate a machine under the supervision of our experienced instructors. This hands-on evaluation is designed to help companies comply with OSHA regulations.

Who Requires Forklift Training?

OSHA requires any employer utilizing a Powered Industrial Truck at the workplace to train and evaluate all operators, and ensure that each operator is competent to operate a powered industrial truck safely.

An employer must "certify" that each operator has received the required training and evaluation in compliance with OSHA training and certification regulations.

Course Agenda

This interactive session is designed to meet the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178 requirement for powered industrial truck operator training.

In addition to providing the "classroom" training presented in the first portion of this course, each operator will receive a "hands-on" demonstration and an evaluation of their skills and adherence to the safe operating procedures covered in the program.

Topics to be covered during this class are:

  • A review of the OSHA forklift standards
  • Pre shift inspections
  • Stability and balance
  • Lifting principles and safe operation methods

How does the hands-on training work?

Onsite Classes:

  • We train and evaluate your operators on your equipment.
  • For new operators we typically find an open area to practice their driving skills. Once that is mastered we set up a series of work scenarios and have them practice.
  • For experienced operators we typically observe them doing their actual work. This allows us to truly evaluate their skill and abilities and offer very specific corrective actions if necessary.

Open Enrollment Classes:

  • We allow the participants to practice on a counterbalanced forklift (Hyster, Nissan, Toyota).
  • We start by allowing the students to drive through a course we set up in our outside yard. This helps them practice their driving skills and allows us to evaluate their readiness to move onto the next skill.
  • Afterwards we set up a series of work scenarios and have them practice their lifting, placement and traveling skills.