FDOT MOT Advanced

  • 20 Hour Training
  • Required Every 4yrs
  • Fast Certificate

Course Introduction

According to the Florida Department of Transportation all Department employees, contractors, consultants, surveyors, utility company personnel, local maintaining agency, or any other appropriate person responsible for work zone traffic control planning, design, implementation, inspection, and/or for supervising the selection, placement, or maintenance of traffic control schemes and devices in work zones on the State Highway System right of way shall satisfactorily complete MOT training.

Course Details

This 20-hour course is required for personnel with the responsibility or authority to decide on the specific MOT requirements to be implemented in the State of Florida. These positions include:

  • The engineer responsible for the Work Zone traffic control plan development (TCP)
  • The Work Zone traffic control supervisor

The course is designed for individuals actively involved in the design of temporary traffic control in a work zone.  Participants learn to read and interpret plans and specifications, and implement them in the field. As well as, how to design and implement temporary traffic control plans to make the project as safe as possible for fellow workers, motorists and pedestrians.

References used in the course include:

  • Index 600 Design Standards (FDS)
  • Part 6 of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)
  • Florida’s Plans Preparation Manual (FPPM)
  • Florida’s Construction Project Administration Manual (FCPAM)
  • Florida’s Standard Specification for Road & Bridge Construction (FSSRBC)

A written test with 60 questions is required. Successful completion of this course allows individuals to train flaggers for their company.

Who provides the certificate and how long is it good for?

A written test with a practical examination is required. If successfully completed your certificate will be issued electronically by the FDOT’s MOT administrator.  Visit the MOT administrator’s webpage at www.motadmin.com for more information.

Training or refresher courses for all MOT levels are required every (4) four years to continue to be qualified.

Other Types of Maintenance of Traffic Training (MOT) offered

 Basic Training

The MOT Basic or Flagging course certifies a person to direct traffic through a construction site or other temporary traffic control zone past an area using signs or flags. They are responsible for maintaining the safety and efficiency of traffic, as well as the safety of road workers, while allowing construction, accident recovery or other tasks to proceed. Flaggers are commonly used to control traffic when two way roads are reduced to one lane, and traffic must alternate in direction
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Intermediate Training

This course is required for all persons with duties that include the direct responsibility for:  placement of work zone traffic control devices; field maintenance of work zone traffic control devices; the inspection of the placement or operational function of work zone traffic control devices; and drafting or electronic generation of work zone traffic control plans (Click Here to view The MOT Intermediate Course)

Intermediate Refresher

This course is available to those who have a current intermediate MOT but is expiring. All participants enrolled in the IMOT Refresher course must provide the instructor with a government issued identification and a copy of their current MOT intermediate (or intermediate refresher) certification.  Safety Links is not permitted to issue certifications until these documentation requirements are fulfilled
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Advanced Refresher

This course is required the engineer responsible for the Work Zone traffic control plan development (TCP) and the Work Zone traffic control supervisor.
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