Combustible Dust 101

Course Introduction

We cover the most recent version of NFPA 654 standard and take a practical approach to understanding and managing these dust hazards.

Critical questions that are answered include:

  • What is the risk potential for my workplace?
  • What are the tolerance levels for the type of dust I have?
  • What can be done to best protect employees and assure compliance with regulations?

Topics Include

  • Explosibility Screening Test
  • Go / No Go Test
  • Minimum Ignition Energy Test
  • Dust Cloud, the Minimum Ignition Energy
  • Dust Cloud, the Minimum Ignition Temperature Test
  • Dust Layer, Minimum Explosible Concentration Test
  • Limiting Oxygen Concentration Test
  • Explosion Severity Test

Why do I Need This Course

  • You perform work in and around areas that contain dust
  • You are exposed to dust on a frequent basis
  • You Manage or Supervise employees that work in or around dust