CPR/AED Course Refresher

Course Introduction

Safety Links will provide you and your staff with CPR/AED certification exceeding OSHA’s training requirements. We are a provider of the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) program. Our instructors have the skills to make your first aid classes enjoyable and informative.

After you take one of our hands on CPR and AED Training sessions you will never go anywhere else for your training. Our courses and instructors are that good!

Course Details

 What to do before giving care

 Breathing emergencies (+ infant/ child if applicable)

 CPR (+ infant/ child if applicable)


What are the benefits of providing CPR and AED Training?

If there is an injury or medical emergency in your workplace, will someone be able to respond promptly? The more employees know first aid, the more likely the response to an incident will be fast enough to save a life, reduce the severity of an injury and promote speedy recovery.

OSHA regulations require employers to have some employees certified in first aid. However, it makes good business sense to exceed the legislative requirements by giving all employees the ability to get basic first aid training. The obvious advantage is that it ensures people can respond properly if an incident occurs. If only one person in the office or the shift can apply CPR or first aid, what happens in an emergency when that worker is not available?

Another benefit is that employees become more safety conscious. Research shows that workplaces where all employees know first aid have a lower incidence of injuries. This may be because they become more aware of injury-causing situations.

Moreover, critical lifesaving skills and awareness transfer off the job. From the employer's perspective, it should not matter where the emergency occurs. When a family member suffers a fall or heart attack at home, a worker's attendance and performance can be affected.