Respirator Fit Tester Certification

Course Introduction

This four hour Train-the-Trainer class is designed to provide attendees with information on how to perform a qualitative fit test and a quantitative fit test. The class will focus on the OSHA standard pertaining to respirators and OSHA fit testing protocols.

Each participant will perform a series of hands on fit tests utilizing the OSHA step-by-step method for the various protocols. Safety Links will provide the fit test kit and supplies to demonstrate the protocols during the training. If possible participants should bring their own respirator to be fit tested on.

Topics Include

  •  The general requirements of OSHA's respirator standard, 29 CFR 1910.134
  •  The purpose of respirator fit testing
  •  The basic forms of air contaminants
  •  The types of respirators requiring fit testing
  •  The respirator donning procedure
  •  The qualitative fit test procedures (Bitrex, Saccharin, Banana Oil, Irritant Smoke, etc.)
  •  The quantitative fit test procedure (using a Portacount)

Respirator Fit Tester Certification

By the end of this course the respirator fit tester must be able to:

  •  Select a respirator
  •  Inspect and don a respirator
  •  Conduct and document a qualitative fit test using Saccharin or Bitrex.
  •  Conduct and document a quantitative fit test using a Portacount