Noise and Hearing Conservation

Course Introduction

Employees who work in noisy environments need to understand the steps they can take to protect their hearing. A comprehensive hearing safety training program provides them with the information they need.

If employees are regularly exposed to noise levels above 85 dB, a monitoring program must be developed and instituted. Employees must also be trained in the potential hazards of noise exposure and appropriate protective measures.

This interactive course takes a practical perspective on noise and hearing conservation. The program provides an understanding of how we hear, how our hearing is damaged and most importantly the steps to prevent hearing loss.

Course Details

In this course we will cover...

Understanding sound, noise, frequency and how we hear

Determining hazards of noise, how hearing is damaged and understand the impact of noise on our body

Conducting work place noise evaluations and recognizing the types of controls available

Evaluation, selection an use of various hearing protection devices

Introduction to the legislation and codes that apply to noise