Incident Investigator Training

Course Introduction

Incidents don’t just happen. They are caused! Therefore the overall objective of this course is to present an analytical approach to incident investigations so you can discover the causes of incidents and prevent reoccurrence.

Course Details

This interactive session provides participants with the knowledge and tools they need to conduct and document formal Accident/ Incident investigations on their sites. This is an advanced course designed for seasoned safety professionals.

Topics Include

  • Section 1: Introduction to incidents
  • Section 2: Incident Reporting
  • Section 3: Sources of Failure
  • Section 4: Primary Response
  • Section 5: Investigation process
  • Section 6: Analytical techniques (Including Causal Factors Analysis, Change Analysis, Barrier Analysis, Tree analysis, and Alternative Techniques and Computer-Based Simulation)
  • Section 7: Recommendations
  • Section 8: Feedback and the Presentation of Reports
  • Section 9: Monitoring
  • Section 10: The six step incident investigation procedure
  • Section 11: Case Studies