Supervisor Safety Development

Course Introduction

The Supervisor Safety Development Course is designed to teach your supervisors and managers about the advantages of a proactive, managed approach to safety, health and environmental.

After the completion of this course your supervisors and managers will be able to more effectively understand how to manage “Safety” within their department.

Topics Include

Module 1- Safety Management in the real world

  • Purpose of Safety Management
  • Management Techniques (TQM, Involvement, etc.)
  • Benefits of safety and loss control
  • Introduction to OSHA legislation

Module 2- Team Communication

  • Understanding communication barriers
  • Removing barriers to effective communication

Module 3- Team Performance ManagementTheories of motivation

  •  Incident causation
  • Methods to prevent incidents
  • Developing proactive metrics

 Module 4- Team Safety and Health Training

  • Understanding adult learning
  • Developing a training system
  • Understanding presentation tools

Module 5- Promoting Safety and Health

  • Behavioral modification and observations
  • Understanding discipline and punishment
  • Understanding safety awards and other gimmicks

Module 6- Developing and implementing an inspection system

  • Purpose and types of inspections
  • Inspection process
  • Inspection case study

Module 7- Developing and implementing an incident reporting and investigation system

  • Incident reporting purpose and benefits
  • Investigation procedure
  • Investigation case study