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Live Interactive Training [No sleeping here]

Your classroom instructor will be ensuring all OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178 requirements are covered plus other Industrial Truck Forklift safety best practices. These classes are kept to a small groups, no more than 10, so they fill up fast.

You will receive a coil bound training notebook to notate highlights of the training.

Forklift Trainer Tool Kit [Your go to resource]

  • Unlocked Trainer Presentation [PPT & KEY]
  • Forklift Evaluation Form Template [Word & PDF]
  • Sample Quiz Template [Word & PDF]
  • 8.5 x 11 Certificate of Completion Template [Word]
  • Wallet Card Certificate Template [Word]
  • Register of Revisions Form Template [Word & PDF]
  • Attendee Form Template [Word]

Trainer Coaching [Present like a pro]

  • When is Training Needed
  • How to Identify Training Needs
  • Goals and Objectives of Training
  • Developing Learning Activities
  • Conducting Training
  • Program Evaluation and Improvement

Bonuses [Who doesn't like free gifts]

  • Bonus #1: Forklift Training Pylon/Cone Kit
  • Bonus #2: Lifetime Access: Forklift Trainer Resource Vault
  • Bonus #3: Video Recording of Actual Training
  • Bonus #4: 11x17 Forklift Hand Signals Poster [PDF]
  • Bonus #5: Continental Breakfast and Lunch
Guarantee Box icon-style-25


Simply put, if you are not satisfied with this training for any reason by the time its lunch, let your instructor know. Your Instructor will will notify the front desk and we will refund your money on the spot. As a thank you for spending your time with us you can keep all the bonuses offered with this training. Being that we did not complete the class we cannot provide a Forklift Train-The-Trainer Certification.


How does the 100% money back satisfaction guarantee work?

After you break for lunch, if you are not satisfied with anything about this class. Simply let your instructor know and we will refund your money at the front desk. As our gift for taking the time out of your day you can keep the pylon/cone agility kit.

You will be asked to return any training materials you have received.

Can I split up the payment?

Currently at this time we do not offer any kind of payment plans for this training. You will be required to pay for all registrants of this class online.

Can this training be taught out our facility?

Yes, we are happy to come to your facility and provide this training. We do recommend that you have more than 2 people in attendance. Please contact us at 1.800.768.7036 for a proposal.

When does my certification expire?

Yes, your certification to train employees is good for as long as you are employed under the company you received the certification with.  You must also have a current Forklift operator license(good for 3 years). You cannot renew your own operator license and it must be renewed by a third party. Click here to renew your operator license

How many people can I put through this class at one time?

You are not limited as to the number of people you can send to this training. However, If you are sending more than 3 employees though this training, Please contact us at 1.800.768.7036 as you can only register up to 3 people online at a time.

How do I access all my training resources?

Once you have completed the class you will receive an email with a username and password for digital access. These will be used to access our online Forklift Resource Vault. Here you will be able to watch the videos and download documents to edit and/or simply print and use.

Will I be billed monthly?

No, you will only be billed once. There is no monthly fee associated with this training. Lifetime access to our Forklift Trainer Resource Vault for is also included and can be accessed at anytime via the internet and compatible web browser.

What do I need to qualify for this training?

You must have a valid and current forklift operator certification.

Get Notified of the next scheduled Forklift Train The Trainer Certification Class