Due to this year’s past high profile public and workplace shootings throughout the U.S., the FBI Academy Alumni Association, received high interest in a shooting response program held in Boston last week.

The workshop, “Active Shooter Preparation and Response” was held by the group and resulted in a turnout of about 300 attendees.

The local citizens group’s main goal is to raise awareness about workplace violence and shootings and prod employers and landlords to take preventative action in case of an emergency.

“Workplace homicides are still relatively rare, but general workforce violence is not uncommon, and there’s evidence of an increase in violent crime in general,” said Randy Spivey, chief executive of the Center for Personal Protection and Safety, a firm in Spokane, Wash., that develops workplace violence-prevention programs for companies.

While a workplace incident like a shooting spree is still relatively rare, the unfortunate past events shows that is highly important for all employers to be aware of the best strategy for a company to use in case of an emergency.

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