Electrical Wire Safety

If you see a person come into contact with indoor electrical wires, do not touch the person. Attempt to switch the power off, if possible. If you cannot shut off the power, use a non-conductor (dry wood, rope, board, broom handle) to separate the person from the current.

If the person has come into contact with outdoor wires call 911 and then the power company immediately.

Do not attempt to touch the person or to try to free the person from the wires. Stay at least 100 feet away from any downed wires at all times.

After the person has been separated from the electrical source, you should:

  • Check his breathing. If the person is not breathing, start CPR.
  • Treat the victim for shock. Keep him lying down. If the victim is unconscious, lie on his side to allow drainage of fluids. Cover him enough to maintain body heat.
  • Do not move the victim if you suspect neck or spine injury.
  • Treat burn by immersing in cold water. Do not apply grease or oil. For severe burns, cut away loose clothing and cover the burned area with a sterile dressing.

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