Industrial Scientific company, Predictive Solutions Corp. has recently released the white paper “Predictive Analytics in Workplace Safety: Four Safety Truths that Reduce Workplace Injuries”. It’s an interesting document based on research done by them in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University on the development of prediction models and safety analytics.

Models in it explain that in workplace incidents, prediction can be made with “high levels of accuracy” ranging from 80 to 97 percent.

predictive analytics white paper

“Many industries and business functions are taking advantage of their ‘big data’ sets by performing advanced analytics to make predictions about the future. When applied correctly, predictive analytics allows leaders to gain deep insight into their business and deploy their scarce resources in an optimal way,” the white paper states. “Predictive analytics is now also available to safety professionals to predict and prevent workplace injuries.”

The four truths in reducing injuries, as its title states, are listed as followed:

  • Safety Truth #1: More inspections predict a safer worksite.
  • Safety Truth #2: More inspectors, specifically more inspectors outside the safety function, predict a safer worksite.
  • Safety Truth #3: Too many “100 percent safe” inspections predict an unsafe worksite.
  • Safety Truth #4: Too many unsafe observations predict an unsafe worksite.

“Many people have wondered if workplace injuries really can be predicted and prevented,” said Griffin Schultz, general manager of Predictive Solutions. “And the simple answer is yes, workplace injuries and safety incidents can be reduced by predicting them before they happen. When the results of the research outlined in this paper are applied to workplace safety, we are one step closer to the vision many of us share of sending every employee home safe, every day.”

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