Why Choose Safety Links

1. Innovation +

In a time when most consultants sell off the shelf products without regards to how well they operate within the organization, we work with you to efficiently incorporate safety into your daily routine and company culture. As a result, Safety Links has become an industry leader that is known for using the most innovative safety management solutions.

2. Qualifications +

Would you hire a doctor, engineer, or even an accountant with only 30-hours of training? To be qualified in their respective field, these professionals have formal education, years of experience, and are board certified by their peers.

You will be surprised to know that other than a 30-hour OSHA certificate, many “safety consultants and trainers” have no formal education or real experience in safety especially with respect to the business management side of safety. Our consultants on the other hand, hold advanced degrees in management in addition to safety. Furthermore, our coaches are Board Certified Safety Professionals, and/ or Occupational Safety and Health Technologists which may not mean anything to you but is a tremendous accomplishment in our industry.
You can take advantage of our comprehensive knowledge and experience to reduce your risks and to improve your overall business model.

3. Personal Touch +

Our consultants will be your single point of contact. They will meet with you, provide you with advice, and consistently check up on you. This customer driven focus will build strong relationships while demonstrating a high level of customer service and professionalism.

4. Beyond OSHA Compliance +

Most consultants are quick to prove how much they know about OSHA. They talk about OSHA code, use OSHA phrases like “shall”, and even write safety manuals that sound like OSHA wrote them (This is usually because they copied and pasted it from the regulations).

Our consultants realize that this approach to safety management offers very little value. After all, if you wanted to read OSHA code, why wouldn’t you just read it on the OSHA webpage? Our philosophy is to keep it simple! We develop user friendly guides that eliminate interpretation. We know that the easier your safety management system is to follow the more likely it will succeed. We offer real business management solutions that are incorporated into your company’s culture. Using this type of approach you will view “compliance” as a minimum.

We have only one goal! To help you implement modern safety management systems so that you can achieve world class safety performance. We will help you do this by using a wide variety of tools including cultural assessments, scorecards, performance metrics, leadership coaching, behavior modification and so on.

Enough of the old ineffective "safety program" with "compliance" as a goal. Give us six months and you will see the results in your facilities, culture, leadership capabilities, insurance costs, compliance issues and overall competitiveness.

5. One Stop Shop +

Most consultants offer limited number of services leaving you jumping between multiple providers. Safety Links offers all inclusive solutions to your problems. Whether you need assistance with high level strategic planning, or you just need an employee trained in first aid we will be there for you.

6. Real Cost Savings +

Let’s face it; most businesses are in it to make money. There are two ways you can make money. Increase sales and reduce expenses. Effectively managing safety can do both. Especially in the construction business those firms who manage safety tend to get more work. In addition those firms tend to have lower operational costs in the short and especially the long run.

“Improvement on your insurance premiums” is just the start. When you start to reduce your costs you can use those funds to enhance your competitiveness. These savings not only include reduced injury costs, they also include increased efficiency, and higher employee morale. If you are in it to make money then safety is not something you can ignore.

7. Low Cost +

I know what you are thinking. We get a dedicated consultant, custom programs, modern training….. It sounds expensive! You will be surprised to find that our prices are extremely competitive because of our low overhead. We are able to work with you to develop site specific plans and to create custom materials and programs for the cost of other consultant’s boiler plate programs. We know that our commitment to value will ensure that you are our customer for life.

8. Satisfaction Guarantee +

We realize that in the absence of value any dollar spent is a dollar too much. Our customers perceive our services as an "added value" and when implemented properly our recommendations provide cost savings and professional impressions. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and we will strive to provide you with outstanding value.

9. Customized Training and Programs +

While many consultants sell “off the shelf” programs without regards to how difficult they will be to operate within your organization, we strongly believe that any system needs to be efficiently incorporated into your organizations daily routine and must reflect your style of management. Your written programs, I2P2, Safety Management System, or whatever you call it must be based on your process and must explain what you are actually doing to manage safety on a daily basis.

Ironically because of our low overhead and lean internal workings our custom development costs are most often lower than other consultant’s boilerplate programs.

10. High Quality Deliverables +

Our training programs and our deliverables are truly second to none. I have yet to see another firm do what we do in a way that is as effective. Our courses are developed by Safety professionals and presented by Safety professionals. They are very practical and cover the sometimes difficult content in a way that simply makes sense to the students.

In addition our consulting services provide world class deliverables including written documents, guidance, reports, and so on. Simply put we do an amazing job. That might be why we have thousands, yes thousands of real testimonials from students and customers. (****** Link to page)


Thinking about going somewhere else? Read this….

11. Safety Links vs. Insurance Loss Control Services +

We always recommend that you utilize the loss control services from your insurance company when offered. In most insurance policies there are fees built in to pay for them. What you don’t want to do is only use these services since what they can do for you varies depending upon your overall premium, size, and risk potential. They often include periodic site visits, meetings, basic program development, and even industrial hygiene.

There is however a number of limitations to the services provided by most insurance companies. The obvious limitation is the amount of time available for each customer. This time constraint often focuses loss control staff towards high loss events--such as fires and other catastrophes--rather than your day-to-day tasks. Also the written programs they provide are templated and do not usually take into account your company’s unique operational and cultural characteristics. For that reason these programs usually end up as part of your “Safety Manual” rather than being incorporated into your business system. Sound familiar?

Another limitation with many of their services (including industrial hygiene) is that their strategies provide only a preliminary assessment and do very little to truly justify your workers actual level of exposure.

Safety Links is not intended to be a substitute for an insurance company’s loss prevention activities. In fact, we will work with your insurance company’s loss control staff to help identify and control the day-to-day risks of your organization while simultaneously improving your internal safety efforts.

Oh. By the way…. We actually provide loss control services for a number of insurance companies and what we can do for you is so much more!

12. Safety Links vs. Federally Funded “Free” OSHA Consultation +

The OSHA consultation program is a Federal Government funded program offered to businesses at no cost. This program definitely has its place in the Safety Consultation world (especially for small companies) however, before you use these services there is one thing you need to be aware of.

Although the consultation program is technically separate from the enforcement program you will have the obligation “to commit yourself to correcting serious job safety and health hazards….in a timely manner”. Moreover “if you fail to eliminate or control identified serious hazards…the situation must be referred from consultation to an OSHA enforcement office for appropriate action”. Source: http://www.osha.gov/dcsp/smallbusiness/consult.html

Although we ultimately want you to correct serious hazards, we will work with you to identify and prioritize your issues so that they can be controlled in the most feasible timetable.

Our abilities and reputation to take you to the next level is why at least a handful of the OSHA Consultation employees actually refer people to us.

13. Safety Links vs. Safety Councils +

It is really hard to compare a Safety Council to Safety Links. I don’t know a single safety council (in FL anyways) that actually employs safety staff as a W-2 full time employee. Instead the Safety Councils simply act as middle men between the customer and a third party consultant taking their cut of everything they sell. They don’t seem to have any consistency or quality control for their trainers or consultants and they really do not have anywhere near the capabilities that we have.

Besides what is a Safety Council? Aside from the National Safety Council (which we firmly believe in) the regional Safety Councils are typically “not for profit” organizations who have divided up the state into regions so as not to step on another councils toes. Until Safety Links came into the scene in 2003 they pretty much had a monopoly on safety training and although they were “not for profit” their prices sure didn’t reflect that. Even today if you compare their pricing with ours you will find that we beat them every time. Plus as an added bonus you don’t need to waste your money on a corporate membership.

One thing that Safety Links does not do however is give you a plaque for your lobby. We would rather positively affect your safety performance in tangible ways rather than offering plaques. If you really want one simply buy one. You can get one for under $10.

14. Safety Links vs. other Consulting firms +

There are some good firms out there and there are some bad ones. Bigger definitely does not mean better neither does smaller. You are going to have to shop around. Check the firm’s qualifications and experience. Read reviews and testimonials. Call them to see if they answer the phone or return calls. This is a good measure of customer service. Then consider the 13 points outlined above. I think when you do so you will see that Safety Links is truly the right choice.